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 What Diamond | OC is about

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PostSubject: What Diamond | OC is about   Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:18 am

What is Diamond | OC?

Diamond | OC is a forum to share your OC's (Own/Original Characters) with others who have made OC's.

This forum was made to share ideas with fellow OC creators and along the way, make new friends. By sharing your ideas with others and showing what you've already got, there is only room to improve, which is where making new friends comes in. It is always, ALWAYS, nice to have someone, or multiple people, who would be willing to help you improve on your OC.

OC's have many different purposes, whether it be for a story we are writing, for a fan fiction we are writing, or just because we want one.

So, here is the goal of Diamond | OC:

Help OC creators better improve their OC's. Everyone is looking on ways how they can improve, whether or not you thought about it before, who knows. But trust me, it is very true. I myself have created OC's and am always looking for ways on how to improve them for their uses.

That, my friends, is what Diamond | OC is about. Enjoy your stay.
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What Diamond | OC is about
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