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 Kientaryuu Atani

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PostSubject: Kientaryuu Atani   Kientaryuu Atani Icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 3:28 pm

Kientaryuu "Ryuu" Atani

Full Name :: Kientaryuu Atani

Role :: Main Character

Title(s) :: Lady, Madame, Master, Mistress

Age/D.O.B. :: 17, July 17

Sex :: Female

Sexuality :: Heterosexual (straight)

Race :: White/Caucasian, Dragon-kin -- Russian

Skin Tone :: Dusty/Creamy Tan

Height :: 5 ft. 4 in.

Weight :: 110 lbs.

Build :: Athletic, Slender, Semi-Muscular

Eyes :: Golden Yellow

Hair :: Black, mid-back, semi-curly

Clothes ::
Usual :: Skin tight black spaghetti strap tank, black skinny jeans, Black Military boots OR Knee-high dark leather boots OR Knee-high Converse Sneakers, Black Fingerless military gloves, multiple buckle-on sheathes/cases for miscellaneous weapons

Disguises :: Old lady costumes, Male costumes such as Skater boy, homosexual male, Lawyer, and many other costumes. (Includes make-up to add a more natural sense to the disguise)

Tattoos :: None (yet)

Appearance :: **Already described

Religion :: Unknown/It varies

Political Affiliation :: None, she hates politics

Education :: Preschool-10 yrs worth of college home school (3 yrs - 10 yrs old)
** Basic Combat training (3 yrs - 10 yrs)
** Professional Assassin training (4 yrs - 10 yrs)
** Professional Lawyer/Attorney training (13 yrs - 10 yrs)
** Self-Training in other areas (10 yrs -17 yrs)

Languages Spoken :: English, Russian, Japanese, Romanian, German, Greek, Bulgarian, and more.

Weapons :: To simplify :: Anything that can be used as a weapon IS a weapon to Kientaryuu.
** She has a collection of weapons so diverse that it is impossible to list them all.

Occupations :: Assassin, Spy, Beyblader, Sniper, Operation Specialist, Lawyer/Attorney, Bodyguard, Street Fighter, and more..

Special Abilities :: Dragon-kin Elemental ability :: Fire/Earth Manipulator
**Note :: Fire includes Anything that causes fire (electricity in particular)

Organizations :: BBA (Spy, Hit 'man', Beyblader), IHPA (Important Human Protection Association), (past) Hiwatari Enterprise (Soichiro's puppet)

Hobbies :: Beyblading, Professional Assassin, Professional Spy, Street Fighting, Protecting

Interests :: Beyblading, Fighting, Spying

Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities :: Denies the truth (emotions)

Place of Birth :: Bikin, a town in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia, located on the Bikin River

Current Residence :: Tokyo, Japan, Asia

Lives with :: Ajax Otvaga
-- Occasionally :: Elijae Atani and Dominic Rowan

Current Relationship Status :: Single

Relationship History :: None; Friendships Only

Family :: Cousin :: Elijae Atani
Unofficial Adopted Cousin :: Dominic Rowan
Unofficial Adopted Brother :: Ajax Otvaga

Other Biographical Remarks ::
* Daughter of the Highest Power of Dragon-kin
* Ran away from her home in Bikin to Moscow, where she met Ajax. Lives with Ajax in Tokyo, Japan and occasionally with her Cousin Elijae and his friend, Dominic, in Moscow.
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Kientaryuu Atani
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